Pre-Order Sale for Christmas Lights, 3 Days Left!

LED lights
Incandescent Lights

Call Integrity Outdoor Lights to get a free estimate and take advantage of the Pre-Order Sale that will save you 20% on the purchase of Christmas lights. This a prefect time to setup your home or business with custom-made Christmas lights for the next Christmas season.

Our Christmas lights are superior to store bought brands. Our professional service will save you time with installation of the lights. We will also service the lights during the Christmas season, remove the lights at the end of the season and store them til next year.

If you are a current customer, you can also take advantage of the sale. You can adding on to your current lights or upgrade from incandescent lights to LED lights. You can also change your current lights colors.

So hurry and call Integrity Outdoor Lights today at 660-924-1300. Again, the estimate is free.

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